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Posted by Andy Sperbeck on Mar 4, 2017

Because Children are Most Vulnerable to Harm, Child Injury Cases Require Immediate Action

In one licensed childcare facility in Chicago, a crib collapsed and strangled to death 16 months old Daniel “Danny” Keysar as it trapped the baby boy’s neck in its V shape folded rails. This tragic event occurred in May of 1998, five years after this same brand and type of crib caused the death of three other children plus another in 1995. But just when everyone might have thought that the number of babies who died was already high enough, the crib killed another after only three months after Danny’s death.

The lives of the last two children could definitely have been spared had news of the crib’s recall in 1993 reached the children’s parents and the childcare facility where the nursery product continued to be used. If ever there was news about the crib’s recall, it obviously was not extensive enough to reach all those who purchased it.

Every year, some 69,000 children are rushed to emergency rooms due to defective nursery products. In 2014 alone about 17 million units of children’s products were recalled by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. The recalls included portable cribs, full-size and non-full-size cribs, infant carriers, toddler beds, booster, high and hook-on chairs, stationary activity centers, play yards, swings, walkers, strollers, infant slings, infant bathtubs, and so forth.

Shortly after Danny’s death, his parents founded Kids in Danger (KID), a non-profit organization devoted to the protection of children by trying to keep potentially dangerous items from ever reaching store shelves.
KID calls for a reform and implementation of stricter standards of safety that manufacturers, distributors and importers of children’s products, especially play yards, will have to comply with. The details of these standards are specified in what is now called “Danny’s Law” (in honor of Daniel Keysar), a bill drafted by the U.S. Congress and made part of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008.

As explained by the Mazin & Associates, PC law firm, ‘For parents, guardians, and responsible citizens, any injury sustained by a child is a cause for concern. Unfortunately, children’s impressionability and defenselessness make them particularly vulnerable to injury and abuse. Because children are in an ongoing state of physical and emotional growth, child injuries can have a long-term impact that persists longer than adult injuries. Whether the injury was caused by abuse, negligent supervision, medical malpractice, or product defect, any degree of harm sustained by a minor could result in immediate or future symptoms that have the potential to hinder development. In order to keep a child’s best interest in mind, child injury cases often require immediate action.

Instances of child injury can be very frightening for all parties involved. It is a parent’s deepest wish that their child has the opportunity to grow up happy and healthy. Sadly, preventable injuries are inflicted onto minors all too often.

Due to this, child injury lawyers believe in the protection of those most vulnerable to harm. Thus, they fight for families who have been hurt by the negligent actions of a careless party and work to minimize childhood trauma, while not subjecting injured children to undue burden.

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